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Beckenham High Street Bus Stops

There is still some confusion about the bus stops in the High Street. The buses  have reverted to their pre-work routes over Christmas – up to 7 January. But some stops are still showing old information. The stop outside Lidl is still showing on Countdown that it is closed, but it is not. |Texts to Countdown along the High Street at the previously closed stops may also say there are no buses. But buses are running as before down the High Street and stopping at all stops.



High Street Bus Diversions starting 29 August

Bus Diversions during the next phases of the Beckenham Town Centre Improvements, from Thornton’s Corner to Village Way, will commence at 9.30am on Tuesday 29th August.

Buses will run normally for a period around Christmas 2017 – the dates will be posted here when they are confirmed.

Routes 227 towards Crystal Palace, 367 towards West Croydon and N3 towards central London will no longer use Manor Road. They will now revert to the normal route along Bromley Road and will stop outside Beckenham Halls (stop F) as normal.

They will then turn right into the High Street (although they won’t stop at Marks & Spencer, stop C) and turn left at Beckenham Junction down Rectory Road, stopping at the new temporary stop at Beckenham Junction (stop G) and Vicarage Drive (stop W).

Routes 227 and N3 will turn right at the War Memorial resuming their normal routes to Crystal Palace and Central London.

Route 367 will then turn left at the War Memorial and turn right into its normal route at Village Way stop M. It won’t stop outside the Wimpy (stop P) in the High Street.

Route 54 towards Elmers End and Route 354 towards Penge, will remain diverted via Rectory Road, stopping at the new temporary stop at Beckenham Junction (stop G) and Vicarage Drive (stop W).

Route 162 towards Bromley will remain diverted via Albemarle Road and St George’s Road, stopping at the new temporary stop on St George’s Rd (stop Z).

Bus stops at Beckenham Green and outside Rascasse restaurant (stops D and H) will remain closed.

During this phase of the work the bus stop outside Lidl (stop K) will be closed and the stop outside Risto restaurant (stop R) at the bottom of the High Street will be served only by route 352.

Download TfL map .

Beckenham High Street Updates

Work for weeks commencing the 19th June 2017.

  • New paving will be laid in the crossover to Rokeswood Apartments.

The entrance to Rokewood Apartments will be closed to vehicles for a minimum time from 8:00am on Tuesday 20th June through to Thursday 22nd at 16:30pm. Residents and users of this car park have being notified. Alternative parking will be arranged during this time for authorised users. If you do not need to use your car during these dates it can remain in situ.

If you are affected by this and have not contacted FM Conway’s liaison officer Helen McConnell please could you email detailing your address, car make, model and registration number. Alternatively you can call Helen on 07917 518 529

  • Strengthening materials will be laid under the new parking bays along The High Street between Rokewood Apartments and Thornton’s Corner.
  • Additional drainage will be installed between 94 and 106 High Street. New kerbing will be completed.
  • The construction of the new planters on Beckenham Green will continue. The structures have been designed in consultation with the Councils arboriculturalist. Each root will be boxed in a pipe/chamber to protect it with leverage for growth.
  • Transport for London will continue to carry out modification works to the traffic signals on the corner of Albemarle Road and the High Street.

Previous completed works

  • New kerbs have been laid between the Rokewood Apartments to Thornton’s Corner.
  • Structural works for the Beckenham Green planters has continued.


Beckenham High Street works weekly update

WBRA are disappointed  in TfL’s handling of the bus diversions. The bus stops along Bromley Road and the High Street still show the diverted buses as stopping there. The stop used by the 352 on Rectory Rd does not show that the diverted 54 and 354 do stop there. The signs telling people of the changes are very small and  usually facing away from the shelter so people queuing don’t actually see them!

Helen McConnell, the liaison officer for Conways, has sent the first of weekly update reports on progress. You can download the whole report here  27 March.


First week update report

Work has proceeded in line with expectations, with work continuing to be finished at the Beckenham Junction and the traffic management measures installed and working reasonably well.

The Council has been monitoring traffic conditions to make sure that vehicles can access the town centre and as part of this, traffic engineers are currently examining whether further measures can be taken to minimise congestion and potential ‘rat running’. Specifically, reports about HGVs using The Drive are being investigated and the potential to rephase the traffic lights at Beckenham Junction are being examined following some reports of traffic queuing, affecting bus journeys and other motorists.

Work for the week ahead

Work on the raised footway between Coppers Restaurant and Spa will be completed by Monday of this week and the steps will be opened up. Excavation work will then take place at the corner of Bromley Rd with High Street by Nat West. Customers requiring the ATM will have to access this via the steps on the lower section of the High Street.

Additional work will be taking place at the junction of Albemarle Rd on the forecourt to Kinleigh estate agents.

Work on the Thai Restaurant Corner and around into Rectory Rd will be completed towards the end of the week, with all barriers then removed, bringing the approach to the traffic lights back to two lane traffic.

Work on the Church Green side of the High Street continues with kerbing being laid and some paving and therefore barriers will remain in place.

Beckenham High Street Improvements – Bus Diversions Latest


Routes passing through Beckenham High Street are 54, 162, 194, 227, 352, 354, 358, 367, and N3.

Phases one and two of works have started – from Beckenham Junction to Thornton’s Corner.

Download full information on each route here – Bus Diversions

There will be slight changes to how often buses are run, mostly just a couple of minutes, but for the 367, there will be 5 minutes extra between buses.

The first diversions will start on 11 March, lasting to mid August. The whole project will last approximately 18 months, with a number of phases as the works move down the High Street from Albemarle Road to the War Memorial.

In all phases buses will remain on their normal routes towards Bromley or Woolwich but will be diverted on their routes towards Crystal Palace, Beckenham or Croydon, past the relevant section of the High Street. TfL are planning to have three phases of diversion, with a break over Christmas 2017-

  • from 11 March to mid August 2017.
  • from mid August 2017 until mid-November 2017.
  • Between mid-November 2017 and early January 2018 the High Street should reopen fully, with no buses diverted.
  • Then the final phase will be from early January 2018 to some time in Summer 2018.

There will be “in-bus announcements” that the next bus stop is closed, notices on bus stops, and drivers will advise on the route.

And there will be two temporary bus stops

  • Rectory Road (new stop G opposite the tram stop), diverted buses will also use existing bus stop W near Vicarage Drive (used by route 352).
  • St George’s Road (stop Z, near Bromley Road) between 11 March and mid-August 2017 for route 162 towards Eltham only.

WBRA will update information here, and updates can also be found on TfL’s website