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Beckenham Place Park Guided Walks

Bromley Swift Survey

Bromley Swift Survey: How many swifts are nesting near you?

Swifts have been nesting in our buildings for centuries and have been a common sight performing their aerial acrobatics over our borough’s towns in the summer. They spend the rest of their year in Africa.

Unfortunately, their numbers are in severe decline. Between 1995 and 2015 the UK lost more than half its swifts. Numbers appear to have fallen even more in Bromley over the same period.

The RSPB believes that loss of nest sites is at least partly responsible. Due to our tendency to seal up buildings during renovation or knock them down, swifts are returning to discover their nest site has gone or access is blocked.

Action is urgently needed to prevent swifts becoming extinct in Bromley.

We are running a Bromley Swift Survey between May and July this year to discover where they are still nesting. We need to find this out quickly so that action to provide nesting spaces can be targeted in the right areas.

No knowledge of swifts or previous experience of doing surveys is needed. It will be really simple and easy, and help will be available if needed, for example on how to identify a swift.

We will ask participants to go for a short walk along the streets near to where they live or another location of their choice. A balmy summer’s evening would be best as the swifts will be most active then. The walk should be repeated at least once a month between May and July – so a total of three short walks. The participant would make a note of any swifts they see flying at rooftop level as this means that the birds will be nesting nearby.

It would be great if you could take part. The more people who join in the better as we will build a more detailed picture of Bromley’s swift population.

To take part in the survey or find out more information you can either:

  • email our Group’s Recorder Peter Smart on
  • call the Group on 07392 790 719.


Beckenham Green Christmas Tree

Beckenham’s Christmas Tree was lit on 2 December at the Christmas Market

WBRA part funded this tree from a donation. LB Bromley paid for half, and other donors were Copers Cope Area RA, Beckenham Business Association and local businesses.

The tree can be re-used, so provides good value for money as well as being rather lovely!


Beckenham High Street improvements update

Friday 30th June 2017

Beckenham Improvements work update

Work for weeks commencing the 3rd July 2017.

  • Kerb laying and new paving will commence north from The Big Breakfast towards Church Avenue. Car parking will be suspended at this location.
  • Installation of granite sett paving in the parking bays at Thornton’s Corner.
  • The paving adjoining Jumping Beans will be completed now that the scaffolding in situ has been removed.
  • The construction of the new planters on Beckenham Green will continue.

Previous completed works

  • Thornton’s corner buildout has been surfaced in temporary surfacing and opened to pedestrians.
  • Strengthening materials in the loading bays at Thornton’s corner have been laid
  • Kerb laying and new paving has been completed outside Pierluigis.

Beckenham High Street Improvement Updates

Work for weeks commencing the 26th June 2017. Provided by Conways.

  • Kerb laying and new paving will commence north from Pierluigis towards Church Avenue. Car parking will be suspended at this location.
  • Strengthening materials will continue to be laid under the new parking bays along The High Street between Rokewood Apartments and Thornton’s Corner.
  • Additional drainage will continue to be installed at Thorntons Corner and new kerbing will be completed.
  • Temporary surfacing will be laid at Thorntons Corner to reopen the pavement and remove the safety barriers.
  • The construction of the new planters on Beckenham Green will continue.

Previous completed works

  • Structural works for the Beckenham Green planters has continued.
  • The crossover to Rokeswood Apartments was completed (1 day earlier than anticipated).
  • Drainage, road strengthening and kerbing has been laid at Thorntons Corner.