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Beckenham High Street Bus Stops

There is still some confusion about the bus stops in the High Street. The buses  have reverted to their pre-work routes over Christmas – up to 7 January. But some stops are still showing old information. The stop outside Lidl is still showing on Countdown that it is closed, but it is not. |Texts to Countdown along the High Street at the previously closed stops may also say there are no buses. But buses are running as before down the High Street and stopping at all stops.



Beckenham Green Christmas Tree

Beckenham’s Christmas Tree was lit on 2 December at the Christmas Market

WBRA part funded this tree from a donation. LB Bromley paid for half, and other donors were Copers Cope Area RA, Beckenham Business Association and local businesses.

The tree can be re-used, so provides good value for money as well as being rather lovely!


Beckenham High Street Update

Work for week commencing the 4 December 2017.

Between 4 December and 8th January 2018 improvement works will cease and Conway will not carrying out construction works.

  • One way traffic flow throughout The High Street will change back to two way from 4.30 am Monday 4th December until Monday 8th January 2018.
  • During this period TFL bus services will return to their normal, pre-work, routes. All the usual bus stops in the High Street will therefore be operational. Bus stop G (the new one at Beckenham Junction) will be closed during this period. TFL say that information will be displayed on the bus stops. For more information, please visit
  • Beckenham Green has now been reopened to the public. The black surfacing is not the final surface. This will be a more appropriate aggregate surfacing which cannot be laid until late spring / summer when the weather is warmer.

Kelsey Square

Unfortunately Thames Water will be continuing works outside Kelsey Square until the second week in December. To assist with the two way traffic resuming, there will be temporary traffic signals in place. These works have no connection with the High Street improvement works.


Bus Diversions in Beckenham High Street





Bus routes will revert to the pre- work (normal) routes between
4 December and 7 January.
Diversions will recommence on 8 January 2018

Beckenham High Street Christmas Update

Beckenham Improvements work update 13 November from LB Bromley and Conways

Work for week commencing the 13th November 2017.

  • The redundant traffic signals at Thornton’s Corner will be removed and paving will be reinstated.
  • All four corners of Thornton’s Corner will be jet washed in preparation for the surfacing
  • Works on the High St between Village Garage and Ye Olde George Inn (including Fairfield Rd jnc) will continue (kerbs, drainage, paving etc.)
  • Only one entrance to the car park next to Ye Olde George will be accessible on Monday & Tuesday of next week whilst work continues
  • Works in Beckenham Green continues this will include finishing the granite paving on Albemarle Road corner following TfL controls work.
  • Potentially increased hours of work next week and the following week to make sure all work is completed to a point sufficient for our Christmas shutdown.

 Christmas suspension between the 4th December and 8th January 2018

  • In advance of the Christmas closure barriers and materials starting to be removed to St Georges compound.
  • One way traffic flow throughout The High Street will change back to two ways from Monday 4th December until Monday 8th January 2018.

 Re surfacing night work at Thornton’s Corner, week beginning 20th November for potentially 5 nights.

As the town centre improvements continue, please do be aware that overnight resurfacing work will be taking place on Monday 20th November. As before this night work will start at 8 p.m. and could continue until 3a.m on the morning of 26th November. The work will initially consist of the existing road surface being taken or ‘planed’ off, with a new surface then re-laid, with the ‘planing’ being the noisier element.

We anticipate all noisy work to be completed by midnight, with only deliveries after that.

To facilitate this work, the junctions of Manor Road and Kelsey Park Road with The High Street, will be closed from 8:00pm.The High Street from The War Memorial to the crossroads with Manor Road and Kelsey Park Road (Thornton’s Corner) will also be closed. The road will re-open from 5:00am on all of the given dates.

There will be diversions signs in place to aid traffic flow.

Residents with permitted parking, which is accessed via The High Street, who wish to access or exit their space after, 08:00pm on any of these given days, apart from 26th November, should contact me on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 Or email

As this is a major road, which is extremely busy in the daytime, there is no option but to carry out this work at night but we are mindful of local residents and the impact on town centre visitors and businesses. Be assured that we will keep noise to a minimum as far as possible and we do apologise for any inconvenience or disturbance in advance during this period.

At the end of the night work, the road surface along this stretch of The High Street will have been greatly improved from the current condition, with the overall town centre improvement initiative making Beckenham a more attractive and safer place for residents, visitors and businesses.