Beckenham High Street Improvements Update

Beckenham Improvements work update  5th February 2018

Completed and soon to be completed works:

  • Conway is continuing to work on the area between the Yee Olde George Inn and Lidl. Kerbing is complete and the parking bays have been reinstated. Paving is being laid and it is hoped will be completed by the 8th February. Minor works are required outside one of the entrances to the George.
  • Between Thornton’s Corner and 116 High Street the considerable drainage and parking bays have been completed. Paving will be completed to number 120 High Street by the end of the week. The cooperation of local businesses in this location has been welcomed. The Council will endeavour to open the parking bays at this location at the earliest opportunity.
  • The first cycle stands have been installed at Albemarle Road junction and Beckenham Green.

Phase 4 works 116 to 132 High Street.

In addition to new kerbs and paving, this section of work will require substantial new drainage due to the history of flooding in the area and the construction of an improved bus stop with a shelter and passenger waiting space. (At present the current bus stop comprises a bus stop sign only; with passenger waiting space restricted to a narrow footpath without seating). During the works the bus stop will be temporarily relocated.

Works commencing week beginning the 5th February 2018.

  • Excavation work for the foundations for the bus stop and kerb laying will be commenced.

The Project Programme

The project is still on programme and due to be completed at the end of the summer, subject to unforeseen problems. Some sections of work have been commenced or completed differently to the original programme. This has been in response to requests by the community, other council departments or Transport for London.

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