Since 1945, West Beckenham Residents’ Association (WBRA) has represented the interests of residents in local matters.

WBRA covers an area of about five square miles in the Beckenham addresses in the wards of Clock HousePenge and Cator, and Kelsey and Eden Park. Each of these wards is represented by three councillors.

We are not affiliated to any political party. Our committee is currently made up of ten volunteers. We meet every few months, but most of our day-to-day business is conducted easily by email between us.

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Beckenham High Street Improvements – Bus Diversions Latest


Routes passing through Beckenham High Street are 54, 162, 194, 227, 352, 354, 358, 367, and N3.

Phases one and two of works have started – from Beckenham Junction to Thornton’s Corner.

Download full information on each route here – Bus Diversions

There will be slight changes to how often buses are run, mostly just a couple of minutes, but for the 367, there will be 5 minutes extra between buses.

The first diversions will start on 11 March, lasting to mid August. The whole project will last approximately 18 months, with a number of phases as the works move down the High Street from Albemarle Road to the War Memorial.

In all phases buses will remain on their normal routes towards Bromley or Woolwich but will be diverted on their routes towards Crystal Palace, Beckenham or Croydon, past the relevant section of the High Street. TfL are planning to have three phases of diversion, with a break over Christmas 2017-

  • from 11 March to mid August 2017.
  • from mid August 2017 until mid-November 2017.
  • Between mid-November 2017 and early January 2018 the High Street should reopen fully, with no buses diverted.
  • Then the final phase will be from early January 2018 to some time in Summer 2018.

There will be “in-bus announcements” that the next bus stop is closed, notices on bus stops, and drivers will advise on the route.

And there will be two temporary bus stops

  • Rectory Road (new stop G opposite the tram stop), diverted buses will also use existing bus stop W near Vicarage Drive (used by route 352).
  • St George’s Road (stop Z, near Bromley Road) between 11 March and mid-August 2017 for route 162 towards Eltham only.

WBRA will update information here, and updates can also be found on TfL’s website

Age UK Bromley & Greenwich Community Cafe

Age UK Bromley & Greenwich are currently running a Community Café available to everyone. Its is the South Street Café located in Community House in Bromley.  
All profit from the Café is Gift Aided back to AUKBG to help fund free services for older people within the boroughs.
 They are offering WBRA members one free cup of tea if you would like to visit and check the café out.

Beckenham High Street

The improvement works for Beckenham High Street are due to begin on 17 February, to be completed in August 2018.

The key objectives for the proposed improvements are

  • Remove/ reduce level of HGV usage in the High Street
  • Improving pedestrian experience of the High Street – enhanced crossing and widened pavements
  • Improving parking and loading provision for visitors and businesses
  • Increase opportunities for regular street markets
  • Improving quality realm – including coordinated and harmonious design, reduction of street clutter, emphasising ‘village’ identity, increased use of soft landscaping
  • Maintaining traffic flow at major interchanges
  • Enhancing public realm and pedestrian accessibility at War Memorial

During the work, traffic down the High Street will be one way only. Buses will be diverted. WBRA has not yet been able to establish exactly where the one way systems will be or where the buses will be diverted (probably Rectory Road). We will update this post as soon as TfL responds to our queries.

Balmoral Avenue – Eden Park High School

Planning permission was granted for this school on 25 January. The school would start in 2019 or 2020, and eventually take in around 1680 students.

Residents who will be very much affected by this development spoke against the application. Balmoral Avenue is a quiet, fairly narrow, residential avenue. Despite promises of a “travel plan”, parents cannot be stopped from bringing their children to school. Even if most do come on foot, the prospect of around 2000 people using the road four times a day during term time is distressing for the long term residents.

The site immediately after it was sold.

The portfolio holder  for education, Cllr Fortune, supported the application saying that under the new arrangements for education, the local authority had very little say in where schools are located. The applicant is not the local authority but the academy with the support of the Education Funding Agency (EFA). WBRA have commented before that although EFA purchased the land at a cost of over £16m with taxpayers money, the Land Registry shows the owner of the land with “Title Absolute” to be the E21C Academy.

Cllr Fortune also said the Borough is short of several thousand secondary school places over the next 10 years (precise figures given at the meeting are not available in the minutes). The council is legally obliged to provide secondary school places for all pupils across the whole of the London Borough of Bromley and not necessarily in a specific ward or location.  Furthermore, the Council had no legal ability to prevent out-of-borough children applying for places at Bromley schools or to reserve places at Bromley schools for children who live in the Borough or in certain communities.

Peter Dean, Councillor for Kelsey and Eden Park, and Chair of the Development Control Committee, moved that the application be refused. He acknowledged that the London Borough of Bromley was in need of school places to meet its statutory needs.  However, Kelsey and Eden Park Ward was adequately covered for local students so there was no need for a further school in that area.  The site in Balmoral Avenue had not been designated land for educational use in the draft Local Plan.  Whilst there was a responsibility to the parents of children to provide them with school places, there was also a responsibility to local residents, their standards of living and enjoyment of life.  Balmoral Avenue was a narrow road which opened out onto Upper Elmers End Road.

Nevertheless permission was granted. WBRA continues to support local residents in seeking stringent conditions on the use of the site both for educational purposes and for community use, particularly the use of the sports facilities in the evenings and at weekends.

New Beckenham footway closed off peak times

Network Rail will be doing some essential maintenance within the subway at New Beckenham Railway Station and will be closing the footpath subway between Park Road and Lennard Road. The footpath will be closed from Monday 20th February 2017 for up to three weeks during off peak times 09:00-15:30, the footpath will be open at all other times, so will not affect the peak travelling times when the station is at its    busiest.
Pedestrians will be given an alternative route via Copers Cope Road, Bridge Road, Kings Hall Road in both directions while the subway is closed.